Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update to mom driving me nuts...

So I picked up my mom this morning. I didn't feel like driving the 30 minutes to the doctor by myself. Plus she'll just sit home and feel sorry for herself so I took her for the ride. Plus I promised we could hit Super Walmart on the way back so she could get cheap soda.

I told her about the questionable absence seizures.  She remembers I was about Little Boy Blue's age when I had seizures. (Darn phenobarbital, one of the only drugs available at the time, it was horse pill only and TASTED AWFUL).  I told her he needs a multi day video EEG session.  Not a comment. No nastiness. No you talk too much. I think she realizes that there is SOMETHING going on.

We talked about the alternate schools. She complained about my driving. (She always had from when I was a teenager with a learner's permit. She doesn't like driving. Which is good for me as I can't stand her driving it makes me car sick). We talked about how stupid his school has been lately. She asked if I complained to the school. (I haven't. I just laugh at the stupidity.) She asked about summer plans. She for some reason feels an absolute need to go somewhere. Whether it is to VA to see my sister and her boys or to Six Flags.

I explained to her about the social skills group, Cub Scout camp, swimming lessons, kickboxing, occupational therapy & physical therapy.  We'll have time to do stuff.

And it was all okay. But then isn't it always okay.

My mom loves me. She just worries way too much. She misses her other children (who by the way are not coming 'home' again this summer and probably not coming for Christmas either. No one came last year for summer or Christmas) She misses her grandchildren.

But we have Blue. And we have my cousin's (who is more of a brother to me than my own brother) two children (a beautiful infant girl and an awesome toddler boy) only an hour away. She is their "K" and loves watching her own sister as Grandma.  The toddler loves my son.

It will be alright. And whatever the future brings, it will still be okay. After all she loves us (even if it is a bit much sometimes)


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