Thursday, June 3, 2010

So out of district it will be...

We have decided (my mom, our special ed advocate, and me) that out of district is the best choice for my son.  He needs to be removed from his toxic environment that is his present small school.

We are looking for a specialized Autism Spectrum class in a neighboring district (that currently has no slots but may in the fall), this would be the best option.  We went on Friday to visit an out of district self-contained special education private school.  While the private school would be a good fit for my son, it is overkill. We are all in agreement that if the choice is the small private school vs. where he is now, the private school wins hands down.

I agree my son needs ESY OT & social skills but social skills is not an option for ESY (except for the compensatory services as they dropped the ball by not following his IEP for social skills counseling. Mostly because the case manager from hell (CMfH)  failed to let anyone other than herself know it was added to the IEP. I WILL NEVER MAKE THE MISTAKE OF SIGNING AN IEP PRIOR TO SEEING THE FINAL DRAFT!) He is excelling academically so there is no need for a full ESY this summer. 

Today is our third "annual" meeting.  The meeting that I was told in no uncertain terms wasn't going to happen at the second annual meeting.  (I have this on tape. She was going to have the "team" meet but forgets that by federal law I am part of the "team".)  I still have no idea who the mystery "other" listed on the meeting notice is, but that is not shocking. CMfH rarely reads my letters.  I will be taping the meeting again.

Fortunately for all of us, our prayers were answered and our special ed advocate will be in attendance.  Her mom needed an urgent cardiac cath and was rather ill, but prayers worked & her mom did very well.  The advocate was not able to observe my son in school due to her own mother's illness but it's not really an issue.

Our primary goal is to get my son in a more positive, more appropriate environment.  Even my son is ready. He knows he's in a bad situation.

So where will my little boy blue end up?  Well I will try and post after the meeting. Of course CMfH says that I'm the one holding up the process as I wasn't prepared to sign with no information about the school. In a few hours I'll know more.

On a positive note, the resource room teacher is finally giving my son the same classwork (modified) as the "regular" 2nd grade class. My son is T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D.  He feels more challenged. The resource room was using units that were 3-4 months behind the "regular" class.  Since he is in the classroom for part of the "regular" lessons he was getting frustrated to go to the resource room and go back to the stories the "regular" class did months ago.
PS--it seems my gut instinct about the other private school suggested was right. His behaviorist confirmed that this other school is for more profoundly disabled students. Being a semi-verbal, high functioning child he would regress or worse in that placement.  Sometimes my MOM-DAR is awesome.

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