Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The fine line, my fear..

There is a fine line between preparing my son for upcoming events & feeding into his obsessions.  My son really wants braces. He has an urgent orthodontist appointment that I have to pick him up from school early for this afternoon.  All morning long my son was obsessed wit what he would be doing at 1:30 today. I'm afraid he'll be so obsessed with going to the orthodontist that he won't do any work in school.  I warned him that I would CANCEL the appointment if he didn't have any work done by the time I picked him up.  Fortunately he knows that I follow through.  I have to pick him up in a few minutes so we shall see...

I guess my son is really my son as from the time I was 7 1/2 I really wanted braces too. I'd even make my own out of tin foil.  I didn't want them so much when I got my early intervention braces at age 8. I REALLY didn't want them any more when I got a palatal expander & braces at age 11.  He has no idea what he is in for.  Sorry dude, you got my teeth and it seems most of the orthodontal problems of the rest of our family. 

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