Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My try at a not-so-Wordless Wednesday post..

So I have a few words. Been rough lately, but then I look at my pictures, and it feels better. We took a hike at the local county park & Little Boy Blue was walking ahead with my aunt.  I get to the beach at the end of the trail and look what I found. My son had decided that Crocs were meant to be in the water. My cousin's German Shepherd wanted to join in the fun too. So pure bliss as my son swam out neck deep playing tag & fetch with a German Shepherd that easily has 30+ pounds on him. When I asked him what he was doing he said "It's okay Mom, I'm a swimmer now" Guess all those lessons at the YMCA have paid off in nothing else but personal confidence. :)

He was a bit wet when he got out, but he was so happy.

With an enticing view like this, who could blame him?

It's looking at pictures like this that make life seem a little less demanding & stressful. Good memories are therapuetic.

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