Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day and Cards from my Asperger's Son

Now when my son was in day care/preschool at Thanksgiving they had the children "write" what they were thankful for.  What did my son "write".
2 yr old: "I am thankful for Mommy"
3 yrs old "I am thankful for Ama" (My mother/his grandmother)
4 yrs old "I am thankful for Elmo" (nice to know where I stand next to a juvenile furry red muppet who refers to "himself" in the third person!)

So this year in computer class, my son created two "projects"
The first was a picture, "If you could give your mom something just form you what would it be?" Now what do you think my son said?  Money? Diamonds? (though that was a chance as he LOVES rocks) Flowers? Nope.  My son would give me brownies.  He knows me well. :)  He used KidPics to draw a picture of his "gift". It looked like turds on a plate.  But they were brownie turds FOR ME!
The second a card "Dear Mom, I like your eggs and your brownies. And I love you.  Happy Mother's Day! Love (LittleBoyBlue)"

Now I don't know what the other kids wrote to their moms, but I'll take his literal truth ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.  He loves to scramble eggs with me. And he does prefer my eggs over my mom's eggs.  My mom uses egg beaters & Pam.  I use REAL eggs, REAL butter and he gets to grind the salt & pepper into the egg mix.  I also let him crack the eggs (for a 7 year old with fine motor skills deficits he really is pretty good).

I hope you had an awesome mother's day.  Mine was surreal. But to understand you need to know about the rest of the weekend.

Friday night I watched my son play baseball IN THE COLD (what we won't do for our children).  Even though it was cold & windy, they decided to extend the play time to get the third inning in, so instead of ending at 7:30 they played until 8:15.  Then we got up at 5:30 Saturday morning to pack (so I'm a little last minute) for his first Cub Scout camping trip. My mom called 3x to check on us, as she agreed to keep the dogs overnight & she wanted to spend "some quality time" with the dogs before she had to go to work.  Just before 7:30 I get a text from his Cub Scout den leader.  "Did u leave yet? If not call me, we forgot stuff"

After loading our gear, and the dogs (one cage crooked but I think she liked it that way) into my tiny Chevy Aveo, at 7:35 to pick up what was forgotten (mind you they already had breakfast at the camp site) 2 gallons of milk, 2 half gallons of OJ, and a tub of butter.  And he thinks I am forgetful!  (For the record I didn't forget anything for this trip. In fact we had MORE than we needed)

The rest of my Saturday:
1. Arrive at campsite.
2. find out there is no where for us to sleep (yet) aside from a leaky tent
3. Hike 1 1/2 miles to fishing spot.  Put worm on son's hook (He doesn't like to touch slimy things)
4. Hike 1 1/2 miles back to campsite to unload SUV that had the overload of groceries.
5. Cook lunch for the two dens who camped.
6. Have an interesting conversation with two school board members about the history of our little town, issues in education, who should not be in education, etc. Son takes off fishing with his leader.
7. Hike 5+ miles to help with forest clean up project. With 11 energetic 6-8 year olds.
8. Help clean up the beach, with gale force winds blowing the mess back where we cleaned it from.
9. Hike 5+ miles back to campsite.
10. Come up with alternate dinner plans as we cannot have a campfire due to gale force winds.  (Thank goodness we brought propane camp stoves). 30+ years of Girl Scouting served me well. We made stone stew (in otherwords, chopped everything up, threw it in a big pot and hoped for the best)  It was really good!
11. Watch the other boys feign death at the thought of eating vegetables.  Son eats 1/2 his stone stew before realizing that the other boys decided to have hot dogs.  Since he tried the stew he was permitted to have one. He actually walked up to the dads he didn't know and asked for help making a hot dog. (Mom is duly impressed).
12. Help clean up.  Stand with 7 grown men as we brainstorm how to get the burned food out of the large pot. Decide to put water in the pot with soap and set it to boil.  It bubbles up really cool. turn it off. We all look at each other and say "Let's do it again".  Since we are the ones in charge, we did.
13. Take son for a shower.  After hiking the 1/2 mile back to camp, encounter one of the other parents.  One of Blue's friends has scared the others so bad that he locked himself in the car and is demanding to go home.
14. Get back to campsite to find out the real story.  Friend has an older brother (who was camping but left because the pollen was too much), older brother told him stories about the Jersey Devil. After all we were camping in the Pine Barrens. (For details on the Jersey Devil see here: ) It gets dark, someone says it must be the Jersey Devil and that's it.
15. Four other campers, leave that night.  Part homesickness, part they scared themselves silly.  And then there were four. For experienced campers, and my son the first timer.
16. Now we have a Lean-To to sleep in.  I didn't bring a sleeping pad. It was a hard wood floor. It was really cold & windy.  Son snored, I didn't sleep a wink.  So guess who I made wake up at 6AM to clean up & pack our gear.  LittleBoyBlue
17. As we cleaned up the campsite with the remaining Cubs & dads, Little Boy Blue was congratulated on surviving the night.  They thought for sure he'd have left the night before.  (Apparently I was the only mom with enough guts, skills or maybe stupidity to stick around). When the leader asked my son why he didn't get scared of the 'Jersey Devil sighting', he said "Well if it was true, my mom would have told me about it.  Since she didn't tell me, I figured the other boys just made it up to scare everyone."  I love my son.  But heck it's true, I do tell him the truth about what to expect.  Freaks out doctors when they have to give him a shot, he wants to watch.
18. So I drove to my mom's house to get the dogs with one of the BIGGEST HEADACHES OF MY LIFE.  She was out with her own mom & sister and my son wanted to see her.  I passed out on the couch.

So my Mother's Day was spent on the couch at my mom's house, trying to sleep as my son sat on my hip and watched Cartoon Network's Scooby Doo Mother's Day Marathon.

I've been trying to catch up sleep all week. (not successfully though)

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