Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes small schools just suck...

They don't feel that they can offer my son the services he needs.  (They are not consistent & they HAVE NOT TRIED EVERYTHING AS THEY CLAIM).  So I was ambushed at his annual meeting, after reviewing the OT & ST goals, I am told that "We" have decided that your child needs to be sent out of district to a behavior deviant/disturbance classroom.  (*$&#*(& no.  I said that there is no way in hades I will ever agree.  She implied taking it to court.  My answer, Go Ahead. Make sure you spell my name right. I'd love to challenge your own reports in a public forum.

Just so you understand, I don't have a problem with the school. His regular ed teacher is trying, but isn't given the tools or training that she needs to work appropriately with an autistic son.  His actions (such as tapping a pencil) are sensory, not defiant. The IEP team case manager LOVES to use the words "oppositional" and "defiant" when it comes to my son. She poisons the rest of the team before the meeting.  Mind you my son does not meet the clinical definition of oppositional or defiant.  Would you like to know my son's big "behavior issues"?  Sure you would.

He shuts down. (He's overloaded obviously) He ignores them. Then if they push him, he turns his back to them.  They don't like this.  THIS LITTLE BOY HAS AN AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER AS CONFIRMED BY THREE SEPARATE MEDICAL DOCTORS.  When he shuts down he is non functional, and then his classwork does not get done.  Their solution? Give him detention or exclude him from extra classes (like gym, recess or library time) to force him into compliance.

His big "anger issue" this week was in gym class. A sure source of overstimulation.  Son was following rules of the game they were playing.  Child gets in son's face. Son steps back and puts up his hand to say "stop" you're in my space.  Child walks into son's hand (he was advancing back into my son's "personal space").  Who gets in trouble?  My son.  Jeez.  Another "anger issue" time he was not having a good morning.  They kept pushing.  He went under the desk in a near fetal position.  He's touch sensitive. 1:1 goes to physically move my son from the resource room.

Even funnier, I was sent a note by his 1:1 that she is starting Dr. Green's Collaborative Problem Solving with him.  She claims to have read the book, but there is no way she comprehended it.  She tries to use CPS when he has shut down.  Lady, the kid is nonverbal at that point, he is stressed & overloaded can you think like that and/or even comprehend what is being said to you?  I attended a seminar on CPS this past week.  I am proud to say that this what I have successfully doing at home with my son for months now.  How can you use a technique when you clearly don't comprehend the technique?!?  For information on CPS go to :

The "Case Manager" is a wanna be psychologist but is not eligible for certification or licensure.  She claims to be "trained" in ABA & autism.  She is my problem.

So I meet some mom's who have different issues with their kids but they can truly understand my frustration to tears.  I am given the name of a former special ed teacher turned advocate.  Also find out the state parent advocacy network has a rep (family service worker) in a local office.  So the Family Service Worker is now reviewing his IEP with a fine toothed comb. The advocate and I meet next week. Even better, my son was there with me.  Each person that heard my story asked if Little Boy Blue is my "other child", I replied no this is the child they claim has a "behavior problem".  Then they ask "are they serious in your school?" One mom who's child is emotionally and behaviorally disturbed, has IED, ODD, and ADD said that a child with a behavior disturbance would not be able to sit so calmly and politely while being so bored & tired. (At least EVERYONE ELSE sees what I see in my child.  (If you are curious I see a good boy who lacks in several skill areas, has a bunch of quirks but most of all has OODLES of POTENTIAL)

Best news of today? It turns out that the advocate has been battling with my son's case manager on behalf of another family for nearly a year.  She is very familiar with her deficits & tactics.  So can't wait for the meeting on May 24th to see the look on the case mangers face when I walk in with this advocate (and my tape recorder).

Go Momzilla!  I don't think she has any idea of what resources I have and that she won't be able to bully me into submission, worse yet that I will permit a grossly inappropriate placement for my child.   There is no way on this earth I will let you destroy my son's potential.  For Pete's sake he is SEVEN YEARS OLD.

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