Friday, April 30, 2010

Who is my Little Boy Blue?

He is a special boy with bright blue eyes, just like my paternal grandmother (who he never had the honor of meeting since she passed 10 years before he was born).  He loves the color green, but has an affinity for blue hair gel when he can get his hands on it.  He loves all things boy. Sports, bugs, rocks, Cub Scouts (he recently completed his Wolf), dogs, fish, animals, and the list goes on.  He thinks he gets special education because he is special...and he is right.  He's a funny guy and I really need to start writing down some of what he says.

Here's a picture of my Little Boy Blue.  He's rather literal and has to work on his pragmatic language skills.  When he saw this picture he asked if this is what Little Boy Blue looks like?  I told him why yes, yes it does.

We are scheduled for his first camping trip next weekend.  He wants to know if it's okay if he really doesn't want to sleep outside for two nights.  I said sure, but why don't we wait until we get there to make up our minds.

My little boy blue needs a haircut.  I told him we are shaving it off. :) Well not off, but a pretty short cut. He has thick wavy hair like me, and my father had the same too.  So it grows fast. 

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