Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Boy Blue's Reaction to seeing my blog..and random thoughts..

Last evening I showed my son this blog.  He thought it was really cool.  He really liked his likes & dislikes and wanted to know if he could change them, but for now the list is accurate.  He thinks it is cool that I am writing about him. ("Hey Mom, can you make this into a book for me?")

He was watching me peruse twitter.  LBB was very excited to see that I was following MLB (he's a baseball fan) and Tony Hawk (another fan figure of my son)  I entered a Tweet Chat as he read over my shoulder.  "Are you really writing about me?"  "What are the home keys?:" (He's trying to learn how to type). "Wow, Mom you type fast. It's like you're playing music!" (I can type about 120 WPM--good thing since some of the TweetChats have been fast moving of late).  Such a funny boy.  He likes to surf the internet with me and find interesting things on You Tube.

 So after, we needed to run the dogs outside for their bathroom break.  He ran out with Oscar (the one eyed chihuahua) as I wrestled with out crazy Puggle Roxie.  Then screeched to a halt at the top of the stares, gazing into the sky.  There is a full moon. "Mom I think that is the brightest most perfect full moon I have ever seen in my life.  Isn't it beautiful?"  Yes, buddy it is.

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