Thursday, April 29, 2010

And so I begin..

So many thoughts, where should I start. I do have an opinion on everything. I had a few ideas last night during my regular insomniac session, but alas by now I have forgotten them.

Life is grand. Though I've lived in my place for 11 years now my balcony has only been furnished with a resin table, a resin kids chair, a wooden folding chair and my planters. So we finally got around to making up our mind (well I did, Little Boy Blue & my mom don't get much of a say) about what I wanted and bought it Tuesday night. Of course, assembly required. I had to use the stupid wrench that wasn't exactly the right size because I didn't feel like going out to the car to get my ratchet set for the bolts. It was awkward, but I got one chair assembled yesterday.

Little Boy Blue was thrilled (he loves hanging out on the balcony, now that I unblocked the door). He was most excited to drag my mom out to the balcony to show her my accomplishment. We had breakfast on the balcony this morning.

So today's project is to finish assembling the rest of the furniture. The Puggle was roaming about and started whining to go out on the balcony. Apparently the purple chair in the living room no longer meets her standards. She decided that she prefers the new chair on the balcony (since now she can see over the railing). Must take note to NOT put chair next to the railing or I can pretty much guarantee she'll go AWOL over the balcony wall (mind you we're on the second floor) and strut her stuff in search of adventure around town.

My other project is to get ready for my son's upcoming IEP meeting. This of course, is assuming that the CST case manager will actually let me know WHEN the meeting is scheduled BEFORE the meeting is supposed to happen. I need to get all my ducks in a row. I need to request an assistive technology evaluation. The school & the OT agree. The CST case manager leaves a lot to be desired. She wanted to leave him struggle for a second month this year when I, his regular teacher, and the school guidance counselor & super all thought he might do better in pull-out support resource room. The school overrode the CST, and he thrived. There is something to be said for developing allies in the classroom. His second grade teacher is AWESOME. She may not understand his quirks but she is willing to learn. Nervous about third grade though, that's a "newer" teacher (but not as new as the first grade teacher).

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