Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Almost Wordless Wednesday..beautiful butterflies!

I wish I had my camera with my this morning when I dropped my son off at baseball camp. He wanted me to take a "breathtaking" (his words) picture of the sun rays beaming through the clouds over the field.  It was truly a beautiful sight that I am sure won't exist when I return after lunch to pick him up.

Anyhow, his class took a field trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, one of the stops was the butterfly room. Even though it was 80F with like 1000% humidity, the beauty made up for the sweat produced.  My son was fascinated not only but the up close and personal look at butterflies, their chrysalis, and the poison dart frogs, but also the beauty of the vegetation. These are two of the butterfly shots we took. Sometimes if you stood still, the butterflies would come and sit on your shirt or arm or backpack, or leg.

Tomorrow hopefully I can get my son to sit still long enough to snap a picture, but my son got a sensory friendly haircut. You just have to see it.

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