Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Funnies...

We've all been having a hard time lately. Between the troubles with Blue's school and like most of the world, money troubles, tough times are taking their toll.  Blue has been in baseball camp this week and having a blast with his equally silly buddies.  For Blue & his buddy D (a great friend because they both laugh at their own quirks. Good boys but very silly boys. Blue definitely does not feel awkward socially around D, who is very easy going), frozen washcloths are huge entertainment. Since it's been in the 90's and higher around here, I had to be creative with cooling off techniques. Of course boys + dirt= mess.

After their game played at the end of the camp day, both boys are filthy and hot. In comes mom with the frozen wash cloths. They were intrigued at first, because the washcloths were frozen solid. They liked the cooling, but prefered to make silly sculptures at the still frozen cloths. Even a bend in the cloth cracked them up. In a couple of mintues the cloths started to soften, so the boys decided to figure out the "best" place to put them. D put it on under his baseball cap--the flopped down cloth looked like dog ears. Riots of laughter. Blue not to be outdone, twisted the cloth into a bone shape and pranced around with it in his mouth. D was drinking and spit out his water he was laughing so hard.  This of course made them laugh even harder.  They couldn't even talk but had a language all their own, a simple look was all they needed to burst into another round of fits of giggles.

D's mom and I could only smile at the sight. At least they got some of the dirt off their faces and necks, and they were not so overheated. Two cheap wash clothes from Ikea, water & a freezer equals lots of fun for two 8 year olds. Silly boys.

That brings  me to last night. I have a "sod squad" grass pass pack for the local minor league baseball team. There was a game last night. Since D was going with is father, Blue wanted to go just in case he could find D. So I asked my mom if she wanted to go, she wasn't sure in the AM so I told her we'd call her later.

Around 5 o'clock Blue called my mom. I knew the answer wasn't what he wanted to hear because he handed me the phone and said I needed to talk. So I asked my mom what she said that he didn't like, this caused our own laughter since this is so typical of my son. If he calls my mom & she says no or whatever the unwanted response is magically he decides that I MUST talk to her, like I have magic powers to change her mind.  Last night I did, mom said she was going to mop the kitchen floor. My response was that we'd be there in 15 minutes. She reluctantly agreed.

Blue decided that I woudl be chaufferm, to my mom's chagrin at first. The two were cracking up at the photos on the grass pass tickets (they weren't that funny to the typical eye but apparently when you play I Spy with pictures it can be a riot). My mom even seatbelted herself in the back seat (she hates to do this but my son matter of factly informed her that the car will not start until she is buckled. Safety first.) We had a blast on the grassy hill. No one bumping into us to get out of the row. An unobstructed view of the field. Biggest "problem" was silly children running amok and that wasn't a problem since they were laughing and having fun. We left after the 8th inning, then the fun REALLY started. First my mom started flipping out that I was trying to decapitate her with the seat belt. She kept pulling on the belt, in effect locking it into position. It really was funny to watch in the rear view mirror. At the red light her seat belt released and she was fine. Since it was dark, they decided to play I Spy in the dark.  Since the car was moving, it's a difficult game to play. So they got silly and looked for obvious things. Like the red lights of the car in front of me.  At one point my son couldn't figure out what she was talking about and called the mystery object a "thingamawtchamacallit".  This of course cracked them both up. As they made up words for the "spied" objects that may or may not have actually existed.

In the end, my mom thanked me for "kidnapping" her. My son had a blast laughing with his grandmother.

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  1. Nice one. Good to hear about good times. :)