Saturday, December 25, 2010

People wonder why I don't like Christmas (But I truly love my son)

So here it is Christmas morning and I still don't have my tree up (and at this point I'm not going to bother). Just too exhausted with nursing school & taking care of my son, (who is very good at exhausting his mom)

For months now my aunt keeps telling me how much I suck. When her father (my grandfather) died she broke her lease and then moved into her mother's house with her son. (Who was about the same age as my son when my father died)  She kept telling me if I am a good person I'd move into my mother's house.

A few problems there:
  1. Unlike my aunt, I own my home.
  2. I don't like the school district in the neighboring town, I've fought long & hard with my current district.
  3. I don't really WANT to live with my mother again.
  4. My mother doesn't really want me to move in, but we'd both make it work if it was necessary.
  5. The real estate market is in the toilet.
  6. There have been many issues with my siblings over the years. Compounded by the fact that I am the only one who didn't move out of NJ. So of course my mom knows my son best, because she sees him all the time.  I could just hear the nasty remarks now if we moved in with my mom!!! (Would you believe my one psycho sister actually told me that I;ve "had mommy long enough" and that I need to tell her to move by my sister in VA or the mutants in GA.  (My mom doesn't WANT to move out of state.. She doesn't like GA. And she doesn't like my BIL in VA(
I did promise my mom that when she sells her house she can move in with us in our condo. Plus we have cable & internet.

So anyhow my one sister has flown in for her "annual" visit (one that often costs my mom big bucks that she doesn't have). She calls my mom occasionally during the year but never helps out with money, solid advice, or anything else.   My grandmother basically declared my son and I chopped liver last night because "your mother is all alone" and "thank God you're here (little sister) because no one helps your mother and no one stays with her." Huh? My sister sleeps until noon (she is on CA time). She's not as bad as my other sister who takes my mother's car and leaves her stranded.  Shopping is a hobby rather than a necessity for her, my mom usually buys things with her that she can't afford. 

On the good side...I kept my mouth shut.  Amazing how she gives $100 to my cousin & his wife (who bought a second home out of state 8hrs away and make more money than I have in 10 years) and as usual I get a sneer. "Because they may need something on the drive to their beach house."  Yeah okay. Thanks for passive-aggressively calling me chopped liver to my face.

Best part is my aunt will claim that my mother tells her and my grandmother how rotten I am. When I ask my mother she tell me she says no such thing and if anything she tells them how grateful she is to have us nearby. We help each other out financially and emotionally.

So Merry firggin' Christmas to you all!

Santa didn't leave too much last night. He forgot the stocking stuffers in my trunk. Left the presents at my mother's house.  But left a little red bag with coal next to my son.  My son was very excite when he opened the red bag.  He said "cool, I LOVE rocks!"  My son is such a nerdy, geek like me.  Our next quest this AM is to look up coal on the internet and find it's chemical properties.

Oh, and revenge will be sweet. I purposely didn't buy nosy toys for my nephew & niece. So what does my cousin give my son a friggen Bop-It with no off button!  I told my nephew to make sure he wakes up Mom & Dad with his drum (from last Christmas) at 3AM this morning. (He's 2 so I'm not sure if he followed through with his promise).  But next round of birthdays & Christmas, his son & daughter will be sure to get the most obnoxious, loud no-off-button toys (age appropriate of course) that my son & I can find.

Anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Merry Christmas- I know I don't know you at all, but there also comes a time when you have to tell these people off.The only one you owe anything to happens to be your son and if they are really sending negative messages you bet he can pick them up.

    Also if you don't want to do anything about it, try to let it roll off your back. The only one who suffers from this is you.(I know easier said than done.)

    Meanwhile, a boombox/electronic piano (comes in many sizes and can be age appropriate) may have an off button, but it can do alot of ear damage before the parents get to it.