Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day Three of being Snowed in--slowly losing my mind...

It is too flipping cold out.  Not only that but Mother Nature dumped about a foot of snow on us, well at least she waited until school break. (Not that I care, but I still would have to make up class time for nursing school & my son's school calendar does not build in snow days.)  My car has been plowed in TWICE. The geniuses of the "association" tossed my door mat into a pile of snow (mind you it is the ONLY thing that keeps flooding rainwater out of my front door.)

My son refuses to listen to me. He gets obsessed with certain topics and is trying to drive me insane. So I just tell him he has 5 seconds before I start returning Christmas presents, hey I could use the cash. 

My mother brought over a shovel so at least I have a chance to dig out my car from the mounds of icy snow the "association" plowed in twice (did I mention TWICE!!!)

My wonderful child keeps making messes in the kitchen and throughout the house. He's convinced himself that he is going to go sledding (mind you at 20F it's sheets of ice outside!) He claims that he is starving to death (I actually have non-perishables in the house. No milk. No eggs. But I do have toilet paper). 

The dogs are insane.  Especially since it is so flipping cold outside & I have to carry my miniature horses outside & across the street because the "association" puts down so much freeking calcium salt that it burns their paws & the idiots try & lick the salt off. But I shouldn't be surprised since one dogs steals tissues to eat and the other will eat anything she can get her little paws on.  They are content right now keeping me warm laying in my lap.

Oh yeah, I need more dog food. Those who fed the dogs on Friday morning failed to let me know that the bin was empty. Comfort & Joy,  My mutts are rather happy with carrots & chicken nuggets right now.

My son is truly on another planet. He disappears for 15 minutes to do things that should take 30 seconds. I can see how his teacher would be chronically frustrated at my little genius's inefficiency.  I've been doing some reading for school, and my practice assessments online (and doing well thank you very much!)  We've been watching old shows & odd movies on TV. Lots of hot cocoa. (Love my Keurig)

Hey last night I made pancakes for dinner.  I think I'm going to make my son clean the bathtub today and maybe I can finally fix my toilet tank. (Thank you eHow videos!)  I am getting tired of "yelling" at my crazy 8 year old.  But he can be cute especially with his odd choices in wardrobe.

On the positive side of life I do fit into a pair of windpants that haven't fit in at least 4 years.  Oh and check out my new blog banner I created it myself using a digital scrapbooking program from Stampin' Up! I used a photo we took of T-Rex at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC (aka "Rexie" from the Night of the Museum movie)/

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