Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My (nearly) Wordless Wednesday

I was having a really bad day. I had just lost my job through no fault of my own (it was a temporary position that was "promised" to become a permanent full time job, ultimately due to fiscal constraints my position was eliminated).  I was a bit frustrated, tearful and upset, especially since I took a 20%+ pay cut and the week before told that the initial approvals to turn my position into a full time job were completed. (Worse they had me come in on a Monday morning when they knew on Friday to have me work a few hours only to tell me that my job no longer existed.  The LEAST they could have done was to tell me on Friday, especially since my son had off that Monday and I had to make child care arrangements!)

Being a concrete literal child, little boy blue just wanted to make me happy. So he peeled all the googlie eyes off a Halloween project and decorated. Called out (trying not to giggle too much) Mom, come here! Of course I had to smile--who wouldn't?

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